This article is about the sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. Some sexual conditions can remind this disease, but men should distinguish impotence from other disorders. Usually, ED can be confused with low libido or ejaculation disorders. The last phenomenon can indicate such disease as premature ejaculation. The signs of low libido can signal that a man has the lack of the hormones or another health condition that is not connected with sex at all. So, impotence is the sexual disorder that is characterized by an inability to maintain an erection. The great alternative to Viagra and Viagra Soft is thought to be Levitra. This medicine is underestimated by many men. In some aspects, this ED drug is even better than the famous blue pills.

Brand Levitra or even Generic Levitra 40 mg cannot be used by men without the prescription of a doctor. Especially, it concerns men, whose sexual life is regular and frequent. That is why the consultation with the healthcare provider is required. Only the qualified specialist can prescribe the dose of any ED drug correctly. As the branded version is very expensive, you can save money by purchasing the generic version of Vardenafil that is identical to Levitra by Bayer.

The erectile stimulation cannot be achieved without sexual arousal. This arousal can be of two different characters: tactical and mental. In the first case, a man becomes stimulated because of the touches. In another case, a man is aroused due to the sexual fantasies. The regular tablets with Vardenafil are not as effective as the innovative Levitra pills. The soft or the oral jelly version stays longer in the blood and such pills should not be taken too often. The impulses caused by sexual arousal affect the nerves in the brain and lead to the release of nitrate oxide. As a result, production of cyclic GMP (cGMP) in cells is increased. These cells are situated in the penile muscles. These muscles become relaxed and lead to the widening of the blood vessels that pass more blood to the sexual organ.

The appearance of Generic Levitra may differ in the color, shape and even taste. But, as this medicine includes Vardenafil that was tested during the clinical trials, the effect of the generic version is similar to the original drug. For the record, this tablet has many advantages. For example, it is allowed to take Levitra for men with diabetes and some heart conditions.

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The intake of Levitra pills should be realized in 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse. The recommended initial dosage is 10 mg. However, one can take the increased Vardenafil dose in 20 mg. The pills should be used internally. You can take Levitra with a meal or without it. Only one tablet of Vardenafil is allowed per 24 hours. This is the common drug information. However, you may need other instructions for the intake. That is why we recommend consulting a doctor.

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